Household laundry services

For households we wash all kinds of clothes – shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, pyjamas, personal underwear, working clothes, coats, jackets and feathers and other clothing. We launder fabrics of furnishings such as bedspreads, bed clothes, curtains, bed linen and satin ben linen, tablecloths and much more. If you use our professional laundry service, you can be sure that your laundry will be well cared for, because we serve our customers in Rybná 27 for almost 50 years and we understand your needs. Laundry in the Old Town, one of the few, has a long-term certificate that allow us to wash also a medical laundry.

In order to save the environment, we use biodegradable washing powders that are at the same time friendly to your laundry.

From us you can expect:

  • Quality and gentle washing and ironing of your laundry
  • We wash your clothes separately, apart from other orders
  • Long-term satisfaction
  • Express washing if needed

We are proud of:

We hold an award of the Prague 1 district in the category: Best Service.


Laundry in the Old Town is looking forward to your visit.


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